William F. Stone, Jr.

William F. Stone, Jr.
American, 1929-2009

William F. Stone. Jr.. was a third generation Californian born in Walnut Grove, California. Educated at U.C. Berkeley, San Jose State University, and the School of Medical Illustration in Boston, he worked for several years as an illustrator, then moved to Pacific Grove, began teaching, and was head of the art department at Carmel High School for many years. 

Stone served as president of the Monterey Museum of Art (3 years) and the Carmel Art Association (5 terms) which he joined in 1972. Among other things, he designed seven posters for the Annual Adobe Tour sponsored by the Monterey History and Art Association; Carmel-by-the-Sea’s commemorative 75th, 80th, and 100th birthday posters; the invitation and program cover for the 1994 Designer’s Showcase; the logo for the Friends of Monterey Symphony and the Carmel Business Association; and the poster for Rolls Royce’s 100th birthday. He was nick-named “Mr. Carmel.” Always active in the community and the arts he was also a juror for many local and Northern California art competitions.

Bill Stone was known for his colorful, stylized watercolors of coastal and gold country landscapes of California; New England fishing and lobster ports; landscapes and coastal scenes of England, Scotland, and Wales, Portugal and Japan. He also published an illustrated book of poems based on his experiences and reminiscences of Mendocino, London, and Portugal.

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