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2023 Catalog Show

Current Artists

Greenwald, Kathryn COASTAL 2 encaustic on gampi

2022 Miniature Raffle

Boronda, Lester Departure of the Wedding Party oil

95 Year Historic Show

Untitled design

2022 Holiday Show


2023 Catalog Show

Untitled design

2023 Student Exhibition

These Things I Know (Great Horned Owl), watercolor, 18.5x16, $1195 - Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson

Summer Afternoon Hues, oil on linen, 12x16, $2000

Benjamin Anderson

Red Tide, oil on canvas, 24x24, $2600

Johnny Apodaca

Boatload, acrylic, 12x12, $675

Ann Artz

Serenity, bronze & copper, ed. 1 of 1, 29.5x20.5, $3600

Eleen Auvil

Before the Storm, watercolor, 9x9, $695 – Mary Fitzgerald Beach

Mary FitzGerald Beach

Anonymous (head), Chloe Wilson, Acrylic on Panel, 10x10, $400 SOLD

A Moveable Beast: Exquisitely CAA

Bell Wall, Mission San Antonio, oil & wax on panel, 10x10, $1375

Jeffrey Becom

Carmel Valley Pink Barn, oil on panel, 6x8, $395 SOLD

Patty Biederman

In the Bay, bronze, 11x9x9

Blaine Black

Untitled 2019 Blue, acrylic, 19x13, $1800

Lucas Blok

Evening Glow, Monterey Coast, oil on panel, 14x11, $1250

Maria Boisvert

Carmel Sunset, oil on canvas, 20x20, $1500 SOLD

Cyndra Bradford

Last Footman, watercolor, 10.5x11, $1150

Will Bullas

Jewels of Winter, oil on panel, 9x12, $3000

Pamela Carroll

Warm Wishes, acrylic, 16x20, $1050

Fred Carvell

Beach, watercolor, 18.5x20.5 $1800 SOLD

Eileen Catbagan

August Fair #1, oil, 24x30, $6500

Carol Chapman

Starry Eyed, acrylic, 30x40, $2800

Dick Crispo

Sierra Azul Oak Tree, glass mosaic, 5 ft x 10 ft, $11,000 SOLD

Kathleen Crocetti

Gentle Spring, oil on canvas, 28x22, $3300

Christine Crozier

Standing Room Only, sculpture aluminum and steel, 36x40x40, $12,000

Laurent Davidson

Spring Comes to the Marsh, oil, 18x24, $1900

Sheila Delimont

Bixby Bridge, Big Sur, watercolor, 12x16, SOLD

Miguel A. Dominguez

Serenity, watercolor, 19.5x26, $5700

Miguel Dominguez

Musing, bronze, 9.5x9.5x4, $2400 – Doug Downs

Douglas Downs

Rock Cycle, watercolor, 8x8, $425

Anne Downs

Skyline Forest Nocturne No. 1, oil, 14x11, $3000 SOLD

Bryce Elischer

Hydrangeas, oil on panel, 6x6, $350

Cornelia Emery

Carmel Mission & Matilija Poppies, oil on linen, 24x18, $3500

Mark Farina

Clouds Over Water, oil on canvas, 36x36, $5900

Erin Lee Gafill

Cat Nap, monotype, 7.5x9, $425

Alice Geller Robertson

A Bird Gone Viral, drypoint:mixed media, 10x10 $300 SOLD

Susan Giacometti

Flower Parade, oil on canvas, 30x30 (31x31 framed), $2950

Helene Goldstein

Architectonic, bronze, AP 4, 23Hx12Wx12D, $11,000

Yves Goyatton

Blue Ocean and Waves, monotype & encaustic, 10x10, $800 - Kathryn Greenwald

Kathryn Greenwald

Summer!, watercolor, 15x22, $1200 SOLD

Roianne Hart

Hot July, oil on canvas, 24x24, $2200 SOLD

Sarah Healey

Rolling After Noguchi, found tire rubber, recycled plastic and steel, 45x45x4, $8800

Peter Hiers

Abstract Sunset, oil, 36x24 $2500

Heidi Hybl

Sea Spirit 2, oil, 36x36, $3250 – Peggy Jelmini

Peggy Jelmini

Allen's Hummingbirds and Passionflowers, acrylic, $3200 SOLD

Andrea Johnson

A Quiet Morning, oil on panel, 11x14, $900

Sibyl Johnson

Picnic in the Plaza, Santa Fe, oil on canvas, 40x40, $5800 SOLD

Barbara Kreitman

Breakers, inlaid wood mosaic, 14x14.5x7, $2600 SOLD

Craig Lauterbach

Birds, encaustic painting, 8x10, $500

Y. S. Lim

Sister Talk, oil, 41 x 42, $6200

Keith Lindberg

by Rick

Melissa Lofton

The Friendly Lion, oil, 22x28, $2000 SOLD

Michie Long

Red Harvest, oil on canvas, 12x24, $1400

Gerard Martin

Whalers Cove, oil, 11x14, $950 SOLD

Kate Martin

Morning Sunrise, acrylic, 27x33, $2900

Robert McIntyre

Pat's Barn, oil on panel, 18x24, $1250 SOLD

John McWilliams

Happy Flowers, watercolor, 15x21, unframed $800 SOLD

Alicia Meheen

Flowery Questions, watercolor 28x28, $2000

Wilda Northrop

Pilchuck Series #21, monoprint, 30x22.25 with frame, $5600

Albert Paley

Silver Lake, Tahoe, watercolor, 19x20, $450

Carol Parker

Midnight Trawl to King's Ranch, printmaking monotype, 11x15, $500

Noro Partido

Remembering A Dream, acrylic, 20x20, $900

Dennis Peak

Sunday Holiday at Carmel Beach, oil, 36x40, $2500

Howard R Perkins

Coastal Reds, oil on canvas, 36x36, $4000 – Lilli-anne Price

Lilli-anne Price

Fancy#1, acrylic on paper, 11x14, $800

Anthony Rappa

Churn Dash, watercolor, 21x26 (30x36 matted & framed), $1600

Gail Reeves

Bouquet with Tiger Lilies, oil on paper, 31x27 framed, $890 SOLD

Susan Reith

Gros Ventre River, Jackson Wyoming, oil, 24x48, $4000

Stan Robbins

Of a Feather (front), granite, 14x14x11, $3400

Chris Sawyer

Tied, oil on canvas, 48x48, $4900

Robin Sawyer

Sturgis Cocktails, oil, 14x11, $1000

Guenevere Schwien

Grand Tetons #1, oil, 11x14, $850 SOLD

Tim Sloan

Shimmering Sea, oil on canvas, 40x60, $10,000 SOLD

Jeff Daniel Smith

Light Struck, oil, 24x24, $3000 (catalog)

Dennis Stanford

Hoo Me, monotype, 12x9, $1200

Pamela Takigawa

Evening Haze, acrylic, 30x24, $2300

Richard Tette

Blue, oil on panel, 12x24, $800

Michel Demetria Tsouris

Last Light, Point Lobos, oil on board, 7x8.5, $1800 SOLD

Joaquin Turner

Desert, Southern California, acrylic, 28x36, $3500

Jerry Van Megert

I'm Still Doing the Rumba, oil, 48x38, $4000

Belinda Vidor

A Walk in the Park, oil on canvas, 30x30, $2500

Jan Wagstaff

Coastal Meadow, oil, 30x30, $4000 – Cindy Wilbur

Cindy Wilbur

Morning Above the Valley, oil, 16x20, $1100

Andy Williams

Quilt Study I, Patchwork acrylic on canvas, 8x8, $800 – Chloe Wilson

Chloe Wilson

Blue Iris And Brush Rabbits, watercolor, 19.5x25.5, $650 SOLD

Vern Yadon

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