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Boronda, Lester Departure of the Wedding Party oil

95 Year Historic Show

Untitled design

Holiday Show

Current Artists


2020 Student Exhibit

Greenwald, Kathryn COASTAL 2 encaustic on gampi

2022 Miniature Raffle

Boronda, Lester Departure of the Wedding Party oil

95 Year Historic Show


2022 Student Exhibit

Mist & Sun, oil on canvas, 24x30, $3400 SOLD

Impressions – All-Artist Member Show

Blackbird Sings, watercolor, 13x10, $350

Jennifer Anderson

Summer Afternoon Hues, oil on linen, 12x16, $2000

Benjamin Anderson

Red Tide, oil on canvas, 24x24, $2600

Johnny Apodaca

Juiced, oil on canvas, 40x60, $3800 SOLD

Ann Artz

Serenity, bronze & copper, ed. 1 of 1, 29.5x20.5, $3600

Eleen Auvil

Water Waders, watercolor, 16x26, $975

Mary FitzGerald Beach

Anonymous (head), Chloe Wilson, Acrylic on Panel, 10x10, $400 SOLD

A Moveable Beast: Exquisitely CAA

Bell Wall, Mission San Antonio, oil & wax on panel, 10x10, $1375

Jeffrey Becom

View of Monterey Bay, oil on panel, 8x10, $450 SOLD

Patty Biederman

In the Bay, bronze, 11x9x9

Blaine Black

Untitled 2019 Blue, acrylic, 19x13, $1800

Lucas Blok

Evening Glow, Monterey Coast, oil on panel, 14x11, $1250

Maria Boisvert

Carmel Sunset, oil on canvas, 20x20, $1500 SOLD

Cyndra Bradford

Last Footman, watercolor, 10.5x11, $1150

Will Bullas

Apple Branch, oil on panel, 20x16, $8000

Pamela Carroll

Olive Grove, Carmel Valley, acrylic, 16x16, $800

Fred Carvell

Blue Ocean and Waves, monotype & encaustic, 10x10, $800 - Kathryn Greenwald

2022 Catalog Show

Beach, watercolor, 18.5x20.5 $1800 SOLD

Eileen Catbagan

August Fair #1, oil, 24x30, $6500

Carol Chapman

Starry Eyed, acrylic, 30x40, $2800

Dick Crispo

Sierra Azul Oak Tree, glass mosaic, 5 ft x 10 ft, $11,000 SOLD

Kathleen Crocetti

Gentle Spring, oil on canvas, 28x22, $3300

Christine Crozier

Standing Room Only, sculpture aluminum and steel, 36x40x40, $12,000

Laurent Davidson

Spring Comes to the Marsh, oil, 18x24, $1900

Sheila Delimont

Bixby Bridge, Big Sur, watercolor, 12x16, SOLD

Miguel A. Dominguez

Serenity, watercolor, 19.5x26, $5700

Miguel Dominguez

Clementines, acrylic, 10x10, $675 SOLD

Gael Donovan

Musing, bronze (ed. 25), 9.5x9.5x4,  SOLD

Douglas Downs

Trees Playing at Dawn, watercolor, 16x20, $525

Anne Downs

Skyline Forest Nocturne No. 1, oil, 14x11, $3000 SOLD

Bryce Elischer

Hydrangeas, oil on panel, 6x6, $350

Cornelia Emery

Carmel Mission & Matilija Poppies, oil on linen, 24x18, $3500

Mark Farina

From Before, oil on canvas, 63x64, $12,500

Erin Lee Gafill

Cat Nap, monotype, 7.5x9, $425

Alice Geller Robertson

A Bird Gone Viral, drypoint:mixed media, 10x10 $300

Susan Giacometti

Flower Parade, oil on canvas, 30x30 (31x31 framed), $2950

Helene Goldstein

Agua Azul (blue water), acrylic on canvas, 65x72, $9000

Alex Gonzales

Architectonic, bronze, AP 4, 23Hx12Wx12D, $11,000

Yves Goyatton

Blue Ocean and Waves, monotype & encaustic, 10x10, $800 - Kathryn Greenwald

Kathryn Greenwald

7X10.5  $400. CAA

Roianne Hart

Hot July, oil on canvas, 24x24, $2200 SOLD

Sarah Healey

Rolling After Noguchi, found tire rubber, recycled plastic and steel, 45x45x4, $8800

Peter Hiers

Royal Cat, watercolor, 16x24, SOLD

Shirley Holt

Abstract Sunset, oil, 36x24 $2500

Heidi Hybl

The White Dahlias, oil on canvas, 12x9, $725

Peggy Jelmini

Tuscan Landscape, oil, 48x36, $5700

Barbara Johnson

Allen's Hummingbirds and Passionflowers, acrylic, $3200 SOLD

Andrea Johnson

A Quiet Morning, oil on panel, 11x14, $900

Sibyl Johnson

For the Halibut, oil on canvas, 30x40, $5500

Barbara Kreitman

Breakers, inlaid wood mosaic, 14x14.5x7, $2600 SOLD

Craig Lauterbach

Monterey Wharf, oil, 24x30, $2200 SOLD

Y. S. Lim

Sister Talk, oil, 41 x 42, $6200

Keith Lindberg

Pond XX, oil, 48x36, $3800

Melissa Lofton

The Friendly Lion, oil, 22x28, $2000

Michie Long

The Farm, oil, 18x18, $1400 SOLD

Gerard Martin

Whalers Cove, oil, 11x14, $950 SOLD

Kate Martin

Morning Sunrise, acrylic, 27x33, $2900

Robert McIntyre

Pat's Barn, oil on panel, 18x24, $1250 SOLD

John McWilliams

Happy Flowers, watercolor, 15x21, unframed $800

Alicia Meheen

Flowery Questions, watercolor 28x28, $2000

Wilda Northrop

Gracing the Garden, oil on paper, 12x10 (18x15.5 framed), $950

Peggy Olsen

Pilchuck Series #21, monoprint, 30x22.25 with frame, $5600

Albert Paley

Three Boats, oil, 16x20, $1500, SOLD

Carol Parker

Ready for Lift Off, printmaking monotype, 10x11.25, $450 SOLD

Noro Partido

Remembering A Dream, acrylic, 20x20, $900

Dennis Peak

Sunday at Carmel Beach, oil, 36x40, $2500

Howard R Perkins

Foliage, oil on canvas, 48x72, $8500

Lilli-anne Price

Fancy#1, acrylic on paper, 11x14, $800

Anthony Rappa

Churn Dash, watercolor, 21x26 (30x36 matted & framed), $1600

Gail Reeves

Bouquet with Tiger Lilies, oil on paper, 31x27 framed, $890 SOLD

Susan Reith

Gros Ventre River, Jackson Wyoming, oil, 24x48, $4000

Stan Robbins

Of a Feather (front), granite, 14x14x11, $3400

Chris Sawyer

Tied, oil on canvas, 48x48, $4900

Robin Sawyer

Sturgis Cocktails, oil, 14x11, $1000

Guenevere Schwien

Scaredy Cat, oil on panel, 30x24, $4000

Daria Shachmut

Untitled design

Holiday Show

Grand Tetons #1, oil, 11x14, $850 SOLD

Tim Sloan

Stillness at Dawn, oil on canvas, 36x60, $8000

Jeff Daniel Smith

Light Struck, oil, 24x24, $3000 (catalog)

Dennis Stanford

Pamela Takigawa, Hoo Me, monotype, 12x9, $1200

Pamela Takigawa

Guess What, oil, 36x36, $3500

Joe Tanous

New Moon, acrylic, 16x20, $1100

Richard Tette

Blue, oil on panel, 12x24, $800

Michel Demetria Tsouris

Last Light, Point Lobos, oil on board, 7x8.5, $1800 SOLD

Joaquin Turner

Desert, Southern California, acrylic, 28x36, $3500

Jerry Van Megert

I'm Still Doing the Rumba, oil, 48x38, $4000

Belinda Vidor

North From Paso, oil on canvas, 36x36, $3400 SOLD

Jan Wagstaff

Beacon Of Light, oil, 11x14, $1200

Cindy Wilbur

Morning Above the Valley, oil, 16x20, $1100

Andy Williams

Spruce, acrylic, 12x12, $975 (catalog) SOLD

Chloe Wilson

Tea Time, acrylic, 24x30 (24.5x30.5 framed) was $1500, now $950

Jean Woodruff

Blue Iris And Brush Rabbits, watercolor, 19.5x25.5, $650 SOLD

Vern Yadon

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