Jerry Van Megert





November 8 through December 4, 2023

Open Wednesdays through Mondays, 10 am to 5 pm

except closed on Thanksgiving Day


Jerry Van Megert is a legend in his own time. This Master Artist, known by his last name only, comes honestly to his nickname, “The Painter of Pebble Beach.” For over five decades Van Megert has lived in this exclusive community and has painted its matchless landscapes, seascapes, and golf courses, as well as other iconic scenes up and down the Central Coast of California.

Van Megert’s unique, vertical signature graces a wide range of subjects from Monterey and Big Sur to Sonoma County, the Grand Canyon, the Rockies, and Paris. He renders his paintings in uniquely soft color palettes, often featuring “Van Megert blue” skies. And if you look closely, you may find a family of deer camouflaged somewhere in his composition.

Read Van Megert’s more complete biography here:

Exhibition Guidelines:

View the digital images for over 70 acrylic paintings below (on canvas, masonite, or paper). Unless marked SOLD, these are all available for acquisition. Each digital image is labeled below it as to title, medium, dimensions, and price. Additional artworks might occasionally be added to this show, so please re-visit this online gallery often.

Approximately 20 of these 70 acrylics will be installed on the gallery walls from November 8 through December 4. As paintings sell, other titles from this collection will take their places on the gallery walls. As you view online, consider making note of painting title and registration numbers that you would like to view first-hand. Then email [email protected] to find out if your preferences are located in the gallery at the present time or are stored off-site. If any are off-site, you need only schedule an in-gallery appointment with Sally Aberg to view these in person. If you cannot view in person due to distance from Carmel Art Association, email Sally to request more detailed images to view on your computer from afar.

Prices reflect CAA’s goal to place as many artworks as possible from Van Megert’s private collection into private or public collections. As with all CAA purchases, all sales are final, and shipping can be arranged at buyer’s expense.

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