Albert DeRome

Albert DeRome
American, 1885-1959

Joined Carmel Art Association in 1946.

Landscape and seascape painter Albert DeRome studied art at Mark Hopkins Institute. he was a member of Sweden-Borgian Church and a close friend of painters William Keith and Carlos Hittell. Before the SF earthquake in 1906 he worked in his uncle’s globe factory and between 1910-18 he worked as a commercial artist for San Francisco exporters. From 1918 he traveled the west coast extensively until an automobile accident crippled him in 1931. He was often a sketching partner of Percy Gray and Gunnar Widforss during the 1920s and 30s and was a trustee of the California College of Arts & Crafts.
His work includes landscapes and seascapes with a controlled, intimate style. DeRome was interested in refinement of brushwork and a literal depiction of place.

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