Delightful small paintings by our CAA Artist Members, perfect for gift giving!

In celebration of Carmel Art Association’s 95 years, this Historic Show features works for sale by many of the association’s revered past Artist Members. This show will be on-line starting August 8th and physically in the gallery in November and December. See all work on-line at: Anyone interested in making a purchase can contact … Read more

Pamela Carroll and Jeffrey Becom share a decades-long dedication to daily time at their easels, each honing their craft. Heirlooms represents a continuation of their personal, well-established paths—their subjects and styles informed by specific eras of art history. Carroll is a Contemporary Realist painter, always working “from life.” Her still life compositions of local, often-times heirloom-variety fruits … Read more

Gerard Martin and Tim Sloan‘s gallery showcase for November is an ode to Salinas Valley, the “Salad Bowl of the World.” Tim Sloan and Gerard Martin are both inspired by the agricultural landscapes of Salinas Valley and the hardworking people who prepare, tend and harvest these familiar fields. Martin and Sloan honor the land that … Read more

A bold, conceptual exhibition titled A Moveable Beast: Exquisitely CAA fills the CAA’s Center Gallery with a wild menagerie of interchangeable heads, torsos, and appendages.  This show draws its inspiration from the Surrealists whose movement developed in post-World-War I Europe. The seventeen CAA painters and printmakers who are participating in A Moveable Beast borrow from … Read more

While Andrea Johnson renders jewel-like birds and their blossoming environments in supra-realistic detail, Susan Giacometti interprets the world around her through layers of found-paper collage atop drypoint etchings. Together, these artists create rich, charming visuals of alluring habitats for their Gallery Showcase, Here & There.

The late Alex Gonzales (1927 – 2020) – award-winning contemporary artist and Professor Emeritus of Monterey Peninsula College – was juried into the Carmel Art Association in 1976. Known for his enigmatic, mid-century styles, Gonzales worked in acrylic, watercolor, and collage. Like most gardens, retrospective exhibitions are composed of different species of works from an … Read more

A Journey of Joy and Discovery celebrates the highly trained and ever curious Carmel Art Association Artist Member Daria Shachmut, who passed away far too soon, in 2021. Her powerful oeuvre includes her earliest creative output as an avant garde print-maker plus a dramatic pastel series of an acrobat finding her footing. In more recent years, Daria produced emotive portraits … Read more

The triumphant trio: Richard Tette, Jan Wagstaff and Chris Sawyer come together in a Group Show, Our Surroundings. The artists collaborate in this exhibition through their reflective observations of the environments they occupy. Although the artists experience similar landscapes of the Central Coast, there is dynamism within the collection of work because of each artist’s individual … Read more

When Kate Martin approaches the canvas, she is always drawn to dramatic lighting within natural landscapes. Last fall, Martin spent several weeks methodically painting in Garland park– observing the change of seasons. After having some success with plein-air painting the fall foliage, she was interested in creating a body of work focused primarily on tree … Read more

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