Painters Alicia Meheen and Roianne Hart are excited to collaborate in the September Showcase exhibit. Alicia’s interests range from iconic Carmel coastal scenes, to the Sierra, to inland vineyards. Roianne paints a variety of subjects: flowers, figures, and scenes from the amazing landscape of our Peninsula to New Mexico.

Howard Perkins and Jan Wagstaff‘s latest collection of landscape paintings are inspired by the dynamism of land and water. The two artist members observe water in different forms from the raging waves of the Pacific Ocean to the small ripples of calm rivers.

In this solo show by Stan Robbins, the common theme does not lie within the subject of the paintings, but rather in the response of the viewer. The artist invites the viewer to connect with his work which depicts moments that spark joy. As Longinus looked for greatness in the soul of an author, Stan … Read more

Every Artist Member is given one to two 6×6-inch cradled birch wood panels. In return, they create little masterpieces with big personalities. This year artworks range from Kathleen Crocetti’s two hand-made ceramic mosaics of Gingko leaves, to Alice Geller Robertson’s color woodblock print of an antique typewriter scrolling a Robert Louis Stevenson poem, and Andrea … Read more

Walking through Joseph “Joe” Tanous’ Memorial Exhibition, A Lifetime in Art, visitors will travel from surrealist still lifes of bright oranges floating in abstracted ethereal spaces, to plump, Botero-esque figurative works of ladies at the beach. The common threads connecting this collection are humor, irony, and this art educator’s desire to impart knowledge, initiate thought, and inspire … Read more

Jennifer Anderson and Alice Geller Robertson pair up to present their Gallery Showcase, “Wild Things.” Observe wildlife through the eyes of these two artists as they depict creations in both woodblock printmaking and watercolor paintings. An Artist Talk with Jennifer and Alice will take place Saturday, August 19, at 2:00pm. These printmakers and painters will … Read more

Barbara Johnson, a Massachusetts-born painter and printmaker, juried into the Carmel Art Association in 1988. She found inspiration in Abstract Expressionism influenced by renowned artists like Hans Hoffman, Mark Rothko, and Richard Dieberkorn. She developed a distinctive, harmonious style in compositions on canvas and monoprints on paper, utilizing vibrant as well as muted color palettes … Read more

Carol Parker and Peggy Jelmini paint in oil and watercolor. They both depict subjects near to their hearts: deer grazing in nearby vineyards, boats floating by the docks of Monterey Bay, and the golden, rolling hills of the Salinas Valley, which writer John Steinbeck named “The Pastures of Heaven.”

Chris Sawyer and Robin Sawyer are delighted to announce their first exhibition together. The show will include sculpture and paintings inspired by both their vibrant garden and their muse who visits regularly. This husband and wife duo will be hosting an Artist Talk at CAA on Saturday, July 15th at 2pm. They will be interviewed … Read more

Mark Farina paints oil and watercolor paintings of historic architecture, relics, landmarks, and the scenery that is so unique to the Monterey Peninsula. This current series depicts subjects that he discovered or rediscovered while painting en plain air this past year, some of them fresh, some nearly lost, and others greatly altered by time.

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