A collection of new paintings from local artist Alicia Meheen is sure to please. In her signature style of loose strokes, Meheen has painted landscapes using both oil and watercolor–capturing the beauty of local landscapes with subtle tones combined with bright hues and vivid colors. Come see these stunning works of art today! Alicia says … Read more

We’re excited to share with you the new paintings of artists Peggy Jelmini and Christine Crozier. Each painter brings a very different perspective on spring and summer blooms in this exhibit: In the Garden. You’ll love the exuberance of their works of flora, and you will be moved by the message they each convey through … Read more

Step right into the world of husband and wife artists Michie Long and Helene Goldstein. You’ll find lush, vibrant paintings on display at their new show. Color, pattern and form are sure to please your eyes as you view their bold and whimsical styles.

Husband and wife artists, Cyndra Bradford and Jeff Daniel Smith, come together in a gallery showcase to display their passion for portraying local landscape scenes. In thick layers of oil paint, both artists share the common technique of utilizing saturated, shiny paint by application of palette knife.

Introducing new Artist Member, Maria Boisvert, and her oil paintings of wharf scenes and cypress sunsets.

Miguel and his son, Miguel, combine their appreciation of iconic, local sites and render them in each artist’s chosen medium. Miguel’s son has produced fourteen oil paintings, and Miguel senior presents thirteen pencil drawings. Miguel’s son’s paintings reflect our coastal and rural sites. Miguel senior’s drawings capture long abandoned farm structures, scenes from Point Lobos, … Read more

Michel Demetria Tsouris explores the seen and unseen in her latest collection of surreal oil landscape paintings. Tsouris creates unconventional compositions out of rural scenes by distorting perspective and playing with scale. Cascading shadows create melancholic value in stormy skies and eerie planes.

Melissa Lofton explores her familiar environment in a daring new way through her latest collection of oil paintings, now on display in her solo show, Meandering. Although diverse, the work shares a common thread that explores the natural world, real or imagined, and a characteristic and joyous use of color and subtle humor.

Jennifer Anderson says of her work: “Nature is a gift. It is up to us to pause and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. My focus on wildlife is hard-wired in my soul, and capturing the beauty that I experience is a gift I do not take for granted. Creating is my time of solace. … Read more

Fred Carvell and Carol Chapman come together in observing the transition of nature in their showcase. While Carvell focuses on spring flowers and landscape, Chapman captures the pleasures of colorful summer beaches. Together, these two artists convey the beauty that is presented in the natural world, in their own vibrant and signature styles.

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