Sibyl Johnson

Sibyl Johnson grew up in the Bay Area and spent summers exploring the mountains and beaches around Monterey Bay as well as the Sierras.

She holds a BA in Education and Fine Art as well as a Master’s degree in Education. A thirty-year teaching career was interrupted only once for the opportunity to teach art as a single subject for the Dept. of Defense Schools in Germany. The two years in Central Europe were devoted to art education and visits to the world’s major art museums.

Sibyl’s art education has been continuous. Thirty years of evening classes, mainly in life drawing, has resulted in advanced drawing skills. Over the years she has studied with the best local artists and traveled to work with other well known artists. After a long career in the classroom the goal to paint full time and return to live in her family’s Carmel cottage became reality. Sibyl was juried into the CAA in 2021.

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