Robert McIntyre

“My paintings are the result of being an architect for many years. The same principles apply with shapes, space and color. I work mostly with watercolor, gouache and watercolor crayons. I don’t have any idea in mind when I start a painting. I rely intuitively on my art background. I’ve been working mostly on Yupo the past few years and really like it a lot. I usually start with three inch sponge rollers; sometimes I use a combination of rollers with brushes.The painting will undergo many changes before completion, so much that you never would recognize the beginning from the ending. Many times when I get half way into it I feel it just isn’t working. I put it aside for a few days until I figure out what is going on. Usually simplifying some of the shapes starts to bring a sense of order. Then I really get excited and bring energy and fun into the painting and now the finishing touches that are most important. These touches are what I use to get the viewer to move through the painting and not get stuck in any one area. I may continue to do this for a week or two before I call it done.”

CLICK HERE to see video of Robert’s recent show, “New Directions,” (with Noro Partido, November 2020).

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