Carmel artist Alicia Meheen paints in both watercolor and oil. She began watercolor painting en plein air with Dorner Schueler in 1963. She has painted with artists Frank Myers, George Post and Richard Yip. Her style has emerged through regular, on-location painting and evaluation. CLICK HERE to see video of Alicia’s show, “Fresh Paint.” (July 2020)

Peggy Jelmini’s passion for painting was recognized early in life, when she was rewarded with a scholarship to a regional art center as an elementary school student. Early in her career she received critical acclaim for her watercolors of California’s Central Valley. Her search for expanded venues took her to the East Coast where she … Read more

Formally trained as an architect and celebrated as a color photographer, Jeffrey Becom has painted since childhood. His artistic sensibilities lie squarely in the colorist realm, whether painting plein air along California’s coast or creating detailed architectural watercolors and oils in studio. Becom finds inspiration in the vibrant façades of global village architecture. Co-author of … Read more

Fred Carvell is a colorist who creates contemporary semi-abstract images of the land inspired by scenes he finds in the central California coast near Carmel and in the Mediterranean countries of France, Italy, Portugal and Greece. Using acrylic paint on acid free paper or canvas, he melds bright primary colors with luminous earth tones to … Read more

Christine Crozier’s oil paintings are noted for their loose, expressionist, brushwork and rich colors. Her award-winning landscape, floral, and figurative paintings have attracted collectors throughout North America, Europe and the South Pacific. “Art is always a work in progress. My greatest joy is the constant process of exploration and discovery that the creation of art … Read more

My paintings are meditations often begun before dawn, an intuitive response to changing forms and colors–night into day, day into night. They are a fusion of tradition and abstraction–a kind of visual haiku. Highlights of my art background include: receiving a B.A. in Fine Arts from Goucher College, studying printmaking in Paris with Misch Kohn, … Read more

“In pursuit of the essence of bird and animal, I use a kind of bronze calligraphy to define the interplay of form and space. Using the play of polar opposites–external and internal, positive and negative space–I establish the boundaries of my artistic experience.” After a B.A. from Whittier College, I attended Claremont Graduate School in … Read more

Ron Grauer American, 1927-2018 Ron Grauer (1927-2018) was a gifted graphic designer, musician, linguist, writer, and teacher; but his brilliance blazed most brightly as a visual fine artist. Honored as a “painter’s painter,” Ron set rigorous standards for himself, creating impassioned landscapes, elegant still lifes, and sensitive portraits for more than five decades. “My every … Read more

Mary Beach was born in California to a family of artists and writers. She earned her B.F.A. from the University of Colorado and later studied with Millard Sheets and Rex Brandt. A series of collages resulted from discovering her father’s French World War I magazines. Here she found a new visual expression and an outlet … Read more

Roianne Hart was born in Long Beach, California and always knew she wanted to be a painter. After attending UCLA, she enrolled at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. After graduating she worked as an illustrator for McDonnell-Douglas and later as a freelance illustrator. For many years she focused on the human figure, but … Read more

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