Lilli-anne Price

Lilli-anne Price was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa and has resided on the Monterey Peninsula since the late 1980s. Growing up, she was “addicted to the outdoors” and became an avid equestrian. Her artistic endeavors began around the millennium—seeing the ever-changing light on her horse rides through the pastures that surround her home in the Steinbeck Hills, she was inspired to paint.

She studied under CAA Artist Members Mark Farina, John McWilliams and Gerard Martin at the Carmel Adult School as well as workshops with Brian Blood, Cyndra Bradford, Erin Lee Gafill and Ken Auster among others. She is a signature member of the Monterey Bay Plein Air Painters Association, and has won awards in numerous juried exhibitions.

“Horses and art entwine in my life–its all about the feel of movement which I interpret into my dressage and paintings. Taking risks is a must. Every painting has its own personality…nothing stays the same.”

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