Kathryn Greenwald

Carmel Valley resident, Kathryn Greenwald, has been exploring color and light in her work for five decades. A native of Monterey, she studied art at UC Santa Cruz, received her MA in painting from Humboldt State University, and taught art at all levels. Painter, printmaker, and mixed media artist, Kathryn works with color interactions to enliven each image with luminosity, inner harmonics, and space. Landscapes from the Colorado Plateau to Coastal California have inspired her subjective translations of home terrain to address themes of place, refuge, and solace. Her newest explorations address the realm of the unknown: meditations on inner peace, loss and life, species and environments in peril, and wondrous beauty beneath the waves.

CLICK HERE to see video of Kathryn’s show, “Meditations on Water,” (with Anne Downs, October 2020).

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