Joseph Nordmann

Joseph Nordmann
American, 1922-2015

Raised in the Midwest, Joe Nordmann grew up painting, playing musical instruments and excelling at science. He became a professor, winning the “Award for Excellence” in college chemistry teaching. After moving to Pacific Grove, he began painting full-time and teaching private workshops in plein air painting, and at Salinas Adult School.

Concentrating on buildings, Nordmann painted on location, capturing the light and specific sense of place which he imbued with his own artistic magic. A student of the early California plein-air painters, Nordmann put his knowledge of composition to good use in creating his own paintings.

While painting, he sets aside all thoughts, “I go into an absolute trance. I don’t see or feel anything else but the experience.” 

Mr. Nordmann passed away in August 2015.

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