Jessica Bovert

Jessica Bovert discovered her passion for working with fibers during her undergraduate studies in Milan, Italy. After relocating from San Francisco to Carmel Valley, she established herself as a full time artist and weaver. Jessica experiments with naturally dyeing yarns and sources sustainable materials such as organic cotton, linen, and fleece from the alpacas living on the farm where her studio is located.

“Weaving is both a profound artistic expression and a personal sanctuary for me. Through a blend of traditional and experimental techniques, I aim to create pieces that awaken deep emotions within viewers through a vibrant interplay of color, texture, and pattern. I am fascinated by the rich cultural history of textiles and the often-overlooked story of how fibers are farmed and manufactured. My ultimate goal is to inspire a shift towards more conscious, intentional living and an increased appreciation for the power of art in cultivating personal growth.”

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