Jennifer Anderson

“Some imagery seems to be hard-wired into my soul. Birds, and more recently the raven/crow are one of those images. Their movements, their forms, the space they create with their movement catches my eye and captivates me. My work’s imagery represents an extension of my love of the natural world – rendering this imagery in the print medium helps me to better understand it and feel more connected to it.

Mark-making is a personal language, one that is embodied in an intuitive and physically connected process. In my current work, there is a continuity that occurs from that direct mark-making. When I draw, I respond on a very deep level to the action of the marks on the paper, as they are created and sometimes destroyed. In a similar way, the scratches and textures that I carve and scrape into plates and wood have an emergent voice that begins to speak the narrative of the piece.  In this process there is a reinterpretation of the subject – the scratching and gouging of the drypoint plate interprets the image through the resistance of the plate giving a new quality to the imagery.”

CLICK HERE to see video of Jennifer’s show, “Natural Inclinations.” (September 2020.)


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