Frank H. Myers

Frank H. Myers
American, 1899-1956

Frank H. Myers was born in Cleves, Ohio. His family moved to Cincinnati in 1907. Myers studied at the Art Academy of Cincinnati through 1920 and in June 1921, he went to France with John Ellsworth Weis (1892-1962), who had been one of his teachers at the Academy. When they returned to Cincinnati, Myers began teaching at the Art Academy where he received commissions for portraits.

In 1925 he married Ella Price, a young school teacher. They spent their honeymoon in Europe, staying in Paris and Spain. The following year they made an extended trip west to Colorado and California. Upon their return they stopped in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he met, and painted with, Joseph Henry Sharp.

In the 1930s his health began to falter, and he suffered bouts of depression. In 1940 he took a leave of absence, and visited Monterey, California. He was captivated by the California coastal region, and stayed there, living in Pacific Grove for the rest of his life. From that point on he produced, almost exclusively, seascapes of the coastal areas of California and the Monterey Peninsula.

A well-respected leader of the Carmel -Monterey art community, he served as the President of the Carmel Art Association in 1953. His painting companions included Armin Hansen, and Donald Teague. Together they defined the Monterey Peninsula art scene for years to come.

His works have been widely exhibited and are in the permanent collections of many prestigious museums, including the National Museum of American Art, University of Cincinnati, Museum of New Mexico, San Diego Museum of Art, Canton Museum of Art, Monterey Peninsula Museum of Art, the Irvine Museum, the Oakland Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Institution, and many others.

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