Diane Wolcott

Diane Wolcott has gone her own way as an artist. She has been painting since she was a small child and sold her first designs of European peasants in holiday dress to an interior decorator who was unaware that the finished drawings were the work of a fourteen-year-old girl.

Ms. Wolcott studied drawing, design, and dynamic symmetry at the Kansas City Art Institute. Later she traveled in Europe to observe, and dissect, but not to study formally.

Her style of painting is uniquely her own. At her first one-artist show in a leading Southern California gallery, half of her canvases were sold on the first day. This show and the three which followed were sell-outs. Many Wolcott paintings now hang in the homes of knowledgeable collectors throughout the United States and Europe.

Update: Diane Wolcott passed away in March 2018.

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