Cyndra Bradford

I grew up on Partington Ridge in Big Sur; both of my parents are noted artists. Growing up under the easel, my five siblings and I had as much paper and art materials as we could use. In Big Sur we had no TV reception and spent our time creating and reading. My father, Howard Bradford, taught me the craft of serigraphs and at eighteen I had dealers throughout the USA and by the age of twenty four I became a member of the Carmel Art Association.

Horses were always a passion for me–I drew them on everything as a child but when I became a professional artist I only painted landscapes. I opened Galerie Plein Aire in 1999 to promote a group of plein air artists known as the Informalists. As I worked in the gallery full time I was not able to get outdoors to paint plein air so I began to paint oils of horses using what I learned painting landscapes, capturing the grace and power of the horse using bright colors and loose brush work. When I’m not painting or working I’m out riding my Arab mare Tara with my dog Jake in the sand dunes of Pebble Beach.

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