Carole Minou

Carole Minou
American, 1946-2012

Joined the Carmel Art Association in 1980.

Minou began drawing as a child in Southern California where she was born. “I believer my fascination with visual art began in Santa Barbara, after seeing the light down there, the textures and the colors…I have no idea why some kids like to play marbles and I liked to play with objects and light.”

Not having a formal art school background, Minou still followed a long and disciplined course of observation and practice. She credits her practice of Tai Chi in learning how to let her work and ife evolve based on principles of harmony and balance.

Her interest in Asian art and religion led her to New Zealand where she was a member of the New Zealand Arts Guild, and to Fiji where she taught for the Fiji Arts Commission. She also lived and worked in Western Samoa and Australia.

After residing in the Monterey area for a number of years, her path eventually led to south India where she studied and worked at a spiritual center run by the Dalai Lama. She passed away peacefully in Mysore, Karnataka India in 2012 after a lengthy illness, with two of her three sons at her side.


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