Carmel Art Association’s “For the Love of Art” is a Monterey County-wide art competition and exhibition for high school juniors and seniors. View this year’s work here.  

To kick off the new year, all 80 of CAA’s current Artist Membership have come together to dazzle the gallery walls with fresh new artworks! From stunning paintings to captivating sculptures, the versatile talents of our Artist Members are on display, reflecting their diverse and refreshing perspectives. Examples of the work are shown here.

The Art Of Gifting exhibition brings together the collective talents of CAA Artist Members, showcasing small-scale treasures that inspire the art of giving. Artworks range in size from 6×6 to 12×16. With each brushstroke and sculpted form, these artists have created a dazzling assortment inviting visitors to celebrate the holiday season by sharing the timeless … Read more

One large group show celebrates the mastery and creativity of four extraordinary women printmakers. Discover the charm and storytelling of Susan Giacometti’s mixed media collages, the wildlife portrayals of Jennifer Anderson’s black and white drypoints, the nature-inspired woodblock prints of Alice Geller Robertson, and the serene minimalism of Noro Partido’s monotypes.

Kirstine Reiner Hansen was born and raised in Denmark, but has lived in the US of a large part of her life, as well as living in the UK, Switzerland , and Berlin, Germany. She received a BA in Design and Illustration at Design School Kolding, Denmark, but quickly decided on her path as an … Read more

Jessica Bovert discovered her passion for working with fibers during her undergraduate studies in Milan, Italy. After relocating from San Francisco to Carmel Valley, she established herself as a full time artist and weaver. Jessica experiments with naturally dyeing yarns and sources sustainable materials such as organic cotton, linen, and fleece from the alpacas living … Read more

RALPH VICTOR MURRAY (1897 – 1991) Ralph V. Murray was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada on June 27, 1897. When his father died, Murray left his studies at Rothesay Academy at age 15 to help support his mother and sisters. He joined the Canadian Expeditionary Forces at age 18 and served in England during … Read more

The 2023 CAA Catalog Show is here! Highlighting two brand new works from each of our participating Artist Members, the Catalog Show will run from March 2nd through April 3rd. If you stop by the gallery to view the show in person, pick up a copy of our freshly-printed 2023 Catalog!

In celebration of Carmel Art Association’s 95 years, this Historic Show will feature works for sale by many of the association’s revered past Artist Members. This show will be on-line starting August 8th and physically in the gallery in November and December. Anyone interested in making a purchase can contact the gallery to make an … Read more

Celebrating the CAA’s 96th anniversary, we present our August miniature raffle! Tickets can be purchased in person at the gallery or over the phone: (831) 624-6176 or (831) 250-3347. (After viewing this webpage, call with credit card information and tell us where to place your tickets.) Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. Current … Read more

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