Jeanne Bellmer American 1920-2014

Eldon Dedini American, 1921-2006 Joined Carmel Art Association in 1957. Eldon Dedini was born in King City, California on June 29, 1921. He attended Hartnell College in Salinas and was a graduate of the Chouinard Art Institute, Los Angeles. In 1944 he married (fellow art student) painter Virginia Conroy. He worked for the Salinas Index-Journal … Read more

Edwin “Ed” Adamson American 1930-2007 Edwin Adamson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since his youth, watercolor painting held a special interest in his life. His art studies in college were interrupted during the Korean War when he enlisted in the Navy. This resulted in a 26-year military career and very limited time to pursue his … Read more

S.C. Yuan American, 1911-1974

William Hannum American, 1947-1998

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