Bill Bates American: 1930-2009

Clarence Emory Bates American 1910-1999 Clarence Bates was born on a farm in Lane County Oregon. He attended Cornish School, Seattle, the University of Oregon, Carmel Art Institute and the University of California. He was an instructor of sculpture at the University of Oregon in 1938 and Director of Fine Art at Oregon art centers … Read more

Jeanne Bellmer American 1920-2014

Edwin “Ed” Adamson American 1930-2007 Edwin Adamson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since his youth, watercolor painting held a special interest in his life. His art studies in college were interrupted during the Korean War when he enlisted in the Navy. This resulted in a 26-year military career and very limited time to pursue his … Read more

Paul Whitman American, 1897-1950

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