RALPH VICTOR MURRAY (1897 – 1991) Ralph V. Murray was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada on June 27, 1897. When his father died, Murray left his studies at Rothesay Academy at age 15 to help support his mother and sisters. He joined the Canadian Expeditionary Forces at age 18 and served in England during … Read more

Land-and-seascape watercolor and oil painter Kathryn Dayton was born in Iowa City, Iowa in 1898. She received her B.A. in Art from the University of Iowa and did graduate work at the University of Wisconsin and the Carnegie Institute of Technology. She taught art in Iowa public schools and later, in Madison, Wisconsin where she … Read more

Robert Reynolds Hewitt American 1923-2010 Robert Hewitt was an avid Contra Dancer. He used his love and experience of the dance as subject matter to capture the essence of motion in his dynamic paintings. “A native of Denver, he returned there after his World War II Navy service to complete his undergraduate and Masters of … Read more

Rowena Meeks Abdy American 1887-1945 Rowena Meeks Abdy was born of American parents in Vienna, Austria on April 24, 1887. She was the daughter of John Meeks, a retired New England businessman and Anna Fuller Meeks. Her fam­ily spent the next eleven years in Europe before finally settling in San Francisco in 1898. Abdy attended … Read more

E. Charlton Fortune American 1885-1969 A renowned painter of landscapes and harbor scenes, E. Charlton Fortune is recognized as one of the most significant painters in the history of California art and has become one of the most sought-after women painters of the West. She was an early member of the Carmel Art Association when … Read more

Donald Teague, 1897-1991 Teague was one of the most revered of all Carmel artists of his time—and one of the premier watercolorists and illustrators of the twentieth century. Teague was an American genre painter whose realistic watercolors depicted both observed and imagined landscapes, He loved to portray cowboys and frontier towns of the Wild West … Read more

John La Pierre American 1925-2015 Joined Carmel Art Association in 1953. John La Pierre served in the U.S. Nay for three years before commencing his college education. He attended the California College of Arts and Crafts (B.A.), Stanford University (M.A.), and the Instituto Allende, Mexico (M.F.A.). His teaching career began at Avenal High School, and … Read more

Clarence Emory Bates American 1910-1999 Clarence Bates was born on a farm in Lane County Oregon. He attended Cornish School, Seattle, the University of Oregon, Carmel Art Institute and the University of California. He was an instructor of sculpture at the University of Oregon in 1938 and Director of Fine Art at Oregon art centers … Read more

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