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WWII, enlisted in Navy age 17, painted girls on officers’ lockers, Guam. Discharged at end of war, age 18. University and art schools 'til Korean War, back in Navy, age 23, painted mermaids on coffee locker walls, Had a rare Navy rating of DMI-3-(Navy talk for navel {sic} artist). Married, age 25. Moved to LA, --worked as art director for companies and agencies--universities and art schools in night classes. Opened very successful Ron Grauer Graphics Studio in LA, age 35. Left in 5 years, stomach ulcer, age 40. Moved to Carmel Valley to paint, while reading Mayer’s Handbook for the Artist. Opened successful Ron Grauer Gallery in Carmel, age 42, closed in 5 years after 2 year recession. CEO, successful Monterey 4A Ad Agency, 7 years. Left with pocket full of money, burning desire to return to painting, married again, age 54. Happily remarried for good at age 70, and happily painting since, age 86, 2013.

Update: Ron Grauer passed away in July 2018.

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